Recommended Reading

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The Library contains every book that will ever be written, and many that won't. Here are some of our picks from infinity.

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At the beginning there were seven, and each was given an egg.

A Loaf Story

Thoughts of knives ran through his head, knives and cutting boards and cheeses and meats and sandwiches.

Volume One of 'Lost Wanderers'

You may, if you wish, contact us again when the inventory is finished. We will be done, by my estimations, around 2431 A.D., using the time scale of your home.

Until then, please let us work.

How Grandmother Triode Stole Binary From The Sun

a story of people[0xCF36] as told by shaman.Accumulator.Overflows(true)

I Work In The Sky

If not me, then who?

Fifth Elrichian National Party Manifest

(see section II., On the Various Reasons the King Should Perhaps Consider Legalising The Fourth And Sixth Elrichian National Parties)

The Last Magician Of Moscow

The woman spoke up. "I don't believe in God or anything. It's just unexplained, I think."

What's Your Ineffable Style?

The following is taken from September/October issue of PlanasTEEN Magazine, p. 27. The original copy of the magazine may be found in the South-by-Southeastern Wing, Section Alef, Subsection Theta, Row 458, Self 26.

The Citykeepers Collection: Tombstone Gardening

So get your gloves ready, prepare your Grave Bulbs and please read the following carefully. Your life may depend on it.

81st Turn, Seventh Year, Nineteenth Cycle, Erevday

I have seen something beautiful today.

Where the path skirted around a tall hill, there was a trail, leading up. There was a sign there, which read "Maish Trascible, Merchant."

We were suspicious, naturally, but the cautious hunter catches no game, and so we made our way up the trail. It was surprisingly well-worn, with grooves that seemed to have been left by a cart.


Please return safely my darling. We are on the edge of dangerous times, and I know neither of us can face them alone.


After all, what monster destroys a library?

We know better now.


One day, perhaps, you saw someone chewed up by a gear the size of a building, moving too fast to see. And then the next day you saw them at their post again, skin pink and shiny. Oddly wet. They looked at you and smiled blankly, and you left too fast to pack your bags.

The Gatekeeper's Sketchbook

What appears to be a newer sketchbook sits on the table in front of you. The ink stains that tarnish the cover tell you someone's been drawing in it recently. A quick flip through of the pages confirms your thoughts. Looks like the artist has written some commentary on each of the pieces as well. Perhaps you take a closer look inside? Better hurry before they get back.

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